February 22, 2013

I [Heart] Drugstore Makeup Tag

Vanessa tagged me in the I [Heart] Drugstore Makeup Tag. 8 questions. 12 minutes. GO!

The questions:
1. What is your favorite drugstore makeup brand overall?
2. What are your favorite face, cheek and lip products?
3. Least favorite product?
4. What is the best makeup bargain?
5. What is your favorite underdog product? (Something you love that often gets overlooked?)
6. A drugstore product that is overpriced?
7. Show your best drugstore dupe(s)!!
8. Drugstore product that isn't worth the hype?

February 21, 2013

HAUL: 2012 America's Beauty Show

Last year, I attended America's Beauty Show and I just wanted to give you a look at the things I picked up at the show. I've actually reviewed some of the products. You can also find reviews for some of these products on Vanewpc's YouTube channel. So, take a look and if you have any questions or would like to see a review of a particular product comment below and let me know.

EVENT: 2012 America's Beauty Show

Soooo...this is a post that I started and never published. In light of the show being right around the corner on March 9-11, I wanted to get this up for any of you that may be curious about the show or are considering attending. This was my second year attending. Both years I attended with Vanessa (Vanewpc on YouTube) and she actually recorded a video about the 2011 show, in which I'm featured, if you'd like to take a look. The post below is about the 2012 show  and includes my thoughts on the show and my experience there.


This was an interesting show. This is the second year that I have attended America's Beauty Show. In short, ABS is a beauty trade show which caters to professionals in the hair care, skincare, nail care and cosmetic fields. I attended all three days and my experiences on each day differed. The first day was pretty great. While I was waiting for Vanessa to arrive, I walked around the press room a bit. I got a chance to talk to one of the makeup artists from Tigi about their cosmetic line. Since the line is sold primarily in salons, I knew very little about it. But, as it turns out the line has been around since 1989 and was recently revamped in 2010. I also had an interesting (haha) experience with some hairstylists representing the Sebastian haircare line. A station was set up to offer hair services and I asked for a blow out and flat iron. They weren't really accustomed to working with my hair texture so the result was find of all over the place. I was more amused than anything but I don't think I'd go back for a repeat performance. When Vanessa arrived, we walked down to the show floor and randomly picked a direction and started walking. The show is HUGE and very overwhelming. So, although we both used the ABS app to "favorite" booths we wanted to visit, we really didn't have a game plan. We walked around and stopped by the Texture Pavilion where the companies catering to curly, wavy and more ethnic hair was set up. One of the companies we visited was Jane Carter Solution. We got to meet Jane and she gave me a mini consultation on my hair and how to best care for it. I loved that she took the time to talk to me and that she was nice enough to give us some products to try. She was really receptive and said that she appreciated bloggers and understood the value in what we do. We walked around a bit more and saw runway shows, hair color/cut/style demos as well as some of the other companies in the pavilion like Use Me!, My DNA and Curl Keeper. We walked around throughout the show floor for about 5 hours or so and still didn't feel like we saw everything. We attended all three days with pretty much the same game plan - walk around, catch things we might have missed and others that we'd made a note to be sure and see. The show is full of stylists on stage doing hair demos, booths doing demos and companies selling products. There are opportunities to try products, to talk to the owners of the companies, and to meet other professionals in your field. There is SO much to see and you can easily walk that floor 4-5 times and still not see it all. 

Now, I will say that the experience had its downside. We attend the show as bloggers, as press, and we look forward to talking to companies that are at the show so that we can then share that info with you. But, I was really disappointed in the dismissive reaction or complete disregard that we were shown from several companies. There were products that I didn't bother even trying because the encounters with either the owner or company rep left such a sour taste in my mouth. I just didn't understand that. Why not take advantage of an opportunity to promote your brand? It costs a company nothing more than a few minutes of their time. I don't remember that being as big an issue the first year and if I attend again I certainly hope that we encounter different attitudes. 

But if I mention the underwhelming experiences, I have to highlight those which were amazing too. One of those was with a company called Sella. Vanessa and I were walking along when a young man stopped us and asked if we'd like to try the Sella cleansing bar. He gave each of us a small bar and asked that if we'd be attending the show the entire weekend, and got a chance to try the bar, that we come back and let him know what we thought. So even though I was EXHAUSTED Sunday night after returning home from the show, I made a point of trying the bar as opposed to just using a makeup remover wipe. And it was all because the two  minute conversation with him had an impact. It made me remember the company, the product, and made me make an effort to try it. I did go back the following day and purchased the bar and several other products from Sella. Plus, not only did I return to purchase products and speak to the owners but now I'm sharing that entire experience with you. I was impressed and we were fortunate to have other great experiences with companies like 12 Benefits, Jane Carter, Use Me! Products, Curly Hair Solutions, Avlon, DermOrgannic, Amika, and several others.

So, as a whole I enjoyed the show. It's overwhelming and A LOT to take in but you get exposure to so much and you learn so much more. I would highly recommend attending if you are a makeup artist, hair stylist, nail technician or esthetician. It's a great experience. For more information about the show and how to attend, check out the America's Beauty Show website.

Here are a few pictures from the show and you can find dozens more on my Facebook page.

February 20, 2013

REVIEW: Use Me Products Coarse/Dry Hair Formula

I previously reviewed the Use Me product line on my blog. I initially reviewed the formula for fine hair but this time around I'm reviewing the formula for coarse/dry hair. There is a definite difference in the two and I share my thoughts and demo my use of the coarse/dry hair formula as well as the styling product for curly hair, Curl Up & Shine, in this video review.

January 30, 2013

Where have I been???

So, where have I been??? Excellent question.

I've been very active on social media but haven't been blogging as much, aside from my Tumblr, on which I truly micro blog and post tid bits here and there. So, if you want to catch me try Twitter or Instagram. I have also uploaded a few new videos for 2013 and am going to keep them coming. I have several recorded and just waiting to be edited.

So as for the blog, I am slowly going to be getting back into it. I literally have 10 posts in draft from 2012 that I never finished. I want to get those up, especially since some of those posts are about events that are approaching again. So, hold tight. You'll be hearing from me soon. :)


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