June 14, 2009

Evolution: Rihanna

Evolution is a new feature on the blog that you can definitely expect to see more of in the future. Look for upcoming posts featuring Alicia Keys, Eva Longoria, Keyshia Cole, Kelly Hu and many more.

When you take a look at celebrities - musicians, athletes, or actors/actresses - you'll notice that their look changes, usually drastically, over the course of their career. The simple fact is that as a person's profile rises more money and more focus is put into their public image. Teams of hair stylists, makeup artists, and wardrobe stylists are hired to revamp, reinvent and fine tune every detail of a celebrities appearance. Since I just shared my interview with Mylah Morales about Rihanna in my last post it's fitting that I feature her in this one. I decided to take a look, year by year, at how her look has evolved over the past 4 years focusing mostly on her makeup.

2005 marked the beginning of Rihanna's career. She was 17 and I think the makeup highlights her youth as opposed to trying to fight it. Her skin was glowy, soft color on the lip, soft and flirty lashes, and simple smudged black liner and a neutral eye.

2006 was the year after her first album was released and she was in heavy promotion. She started playing with her look a bit more. She was slowly coming away from her island girl, beachy look and focusing on a more polished look. We see her experiment with bolder, red lips, heavier blush and more color on the eye.

2007 introduced us to the "good girl gone bad". I loved this transition. Rihanna really started taking risks that distinguished from her counterparts. First, she chopped off her hair into a sleek angled bob and dyed it jet black. Then we saw her experimenting with looks that ranged from fun & colorful to fresh faced & natural to elegant & refined - and everywhere in between.

2008 is perhaps my favorite year. This is the year that proved to me that Rihanna was a trendsetter and not a follower. The year took her through several incarnations. We saw her chop her hair again, going shorter and a little edgier. We saw the rocker. We saw the vamp. We saw the ingenue. We saw the belle.

2009 is half way done. Again, we've seen her look go through a few incarnations. She always keep us guessing and I can't wait to see what is coming next.

Images courtesy of http://rihannadaily.com/


I love the dark lips she wears in the 2nd and last sequence. Ri-rir always wears wicked make up.

@ Yinka. I agree. I love when she wears a deep red lip. It looks really good. Her makeup artist is fantastic. Her whole team is great, actually.

I absolutely love her makeup!!

However, maybe it's just me...but is her foundation too light sometimes?!

@ Erin. It may be. I think it may also be that different foundations photograph differently and also the lighting may be different.

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