June 4, 2009

FOTD - Face of the Day Roaring

As promised, my first FOTD post. I'm also posting a YouTube tutorial on it later today. This look was actually inspired by a look that Erin B. created on her Scandalous Beauty YouTube channel.


My version is a little different. I brought up my lid and crease color further into the crease and my crease is actually a little darker. I liked it but loved the original. Speaking of Erin, she just agreed to do an interview with me for the blog so look out for that in the next couple weeks...but more on that later.

This is actually a mega post. It's 3 posts in one - a FOTD, a Beat-4-a-Buck look, and a
Mirror|rorriM look. Beat-4-a-Buck and Mirror|rorriM are a couple of features you'll see here in the future. Beat-4-a-Buck will show you how to "beat" your face for a buck, or a few bucks anyway. You'll see looks that are created with mostly, if not all, drugstore brand makeup. Mirror|rorriM will show you looks that are recreated or inspired by a look someone else has done.

Ok, I have rambled on enough. On to the look...

EDITED: In my excitement to get this up I forgot to tell you what I used. Sorry about that. Here's the Face Chart:


You blog is so well laid out. Very different and ever so lovely!!! I love your facechart too!!! Your eyebrows are flawless and I've based mine on yours for a very long time! I'm glad you've started blogging!!!

@Yinka Thank you.
@Deborah Thank you very much. It's much more work than I expected - so many little things to think about but I am loving it.

I'm late! *cus I just found your blog*....but Fabulous!

@ Erin. Better late than never. :) Thank you.

LOVE this look! Girl, you look awesome, I'm going to try this tomorrow!

@SoulSunshine Thank you. Let me know how it turns out!

Girl, you are a force to be wreckened with! lol, true definition of DIVA!

Thank you Shika! Those are some serious compliments you're throwing my way. *cheeses* :D

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