June 6, 2009

Interview with Mylah Morales

You may not be familiar with Mylah Morales by name. However, I can guarantee that you've seen her work. Mylah is a celebrity makeup artist who has worked with artists Leona Lewis, Jazmine Sullivan, Usher, Lil Kim, T.I., Amerie and most notably Rihanna. I never knew who Mylah was but I did know that whenever I saw Rihanna on the red carpet, in a magazine or in a video that I loved her makeup. Back in November I got a chance to talk to Mylah about the look that she created for Rihanna at the 2008 American Music Awards as well as a couple of other things. It was originally posted on the Specktra.net blog but I have reproduced it here for you.

Rihanna is it.

She is the hottest thing out right now in the world of music. And in the last couple of years she has transcended that world and become a style star, a fashion maven, and a makeup muse. The woman behind the amazing looks Rihanna wears on the red carpet, in magazines and on stage is makeup artist Mylah Morales.

I had an opportunity to speak with Mylah about Rihanna’s look for the 2008 American Music Awards. I fell in love with the look as soon as Rihanna stepped onto the red carpet and as it turns out it’s one of Mylah’s favorite looks too!

Azia: So, can you give me an idea of the direction you are taking with Rihanna’s makeup? It seems as though she’s been going for a softer, more feminine look lately.

Mylah: No, I wouldn’t say that. It all depends on what she’s wearing, really. Her “Glam Squad” gets together to discuss the entire look and I’m always inspired by what she’s wearing. Fashion is always the inspiration.

With this particular look Mylah explained that Rihanna’s dress reminded her of a baby doll so she decided to go with a look that was fun and youthful with a focus on flushed cheeks, lush lashes and glowing skin.

M: I’m all about skin! Right now my favorite foundation to use is Giorgio Armani Designer Shaping Cream Foundation SPF 20. Then I use La Mer The Powder. It gives a really pretty, glowy, natural look to the skin. And actually I always ask Rihanna to hydrate her skin well before any red carpet event. She uses Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask. It works really well to energize and revitalize the skin especially since she’s always traveling, which dries out your skin.

A: I could see that. I have noticed that Rihanna always has a really pretty glow to her skin, a really pretty sheen. I have always wondered how you do that.

M: Yep, that’s how I get it. The Le Mer powder has a slight luminescence to it; it’s not matte. So, it gives the skin a really pretty glow. As for the concealer, I also used Kevyn Aucion The Sensual Skin Enhancer under the eyes.

A: Can you tell me what you used on her eyes?

M: Sure. I used Cover Girl Exact Eyelights Mascara in Black Ruby. It’s got pigments in it that really bring out your eye color and it creates really long & lush lashes.

A: Did you use lashes too?

M: (Laughs) Yeah. But they aren’t a full strip. I cut them to look more natural on the eye. They’re by Red Cherry but I don’t remember which ones exactly. Maybe the #42’s… but I’m not sure.

A: Ok. No problem. Can you tell me what shadows you used? Do you use a palette or do you use specific shadows by brands like MAC or Make Up Forever?

M: You know what? I love using a palette by Dior. It’s a neutral palette. I have been using that a lot. You can use it alone or add a splash of color. Then on her cheeks I used Orgasm by NARS. Actually, it is called Super Orgasm.

A: I was wondering what that was! It’s so pretty. I heard that it shows up better on olive skin or golden skintones because the original Orgasm doesn’t.

M: Yep. And to contour her cheeks I used GlowFusion® Micro-Tech™ Intuitive Active Bronzer. It’s a really great bronzer.

A: So what color did you use on her lips?

M: It’s Cover Girl Trushine Lipcolor in Brillo Delilah**

A: Okay. I think that’s about everything. Oh, one more thing! What did you use on her brows?

M: I used Shu Uemura Hard Formula brow pencil to define them and then used an angled brush with brow powder to fill them in.

And with that we said our goodbyes. I’d like to thank Mylah, once again, for being so gracious. I really appreciate her taking the time to break down the look for me and the rest of our Specktra members.

Giorgio Armani Designer Shaping Cream Foundation SPF 20
La Mer The Powder
Kevyn Aucion The Sensual Skin Enhancer
Dior Palette Neutral
Red Cherry Lashes
Shu Uemura Hard Formula brow pencil
Cover Girl Exact Eyelights Mascara in Black Ruby
Nars Super Orgasm
GlowFusion® Micro-Tech™ Intuitive Active Bronzer
Cover Girl Trushine Lipcolor in Brillo Delilah**

**NOTE**: I misunderstood Mylah. Specktra member (Mtrimier) pointed out that it was "brillo de lilac" which would be Cover Girl Trushine lipcolor in Lilac Shine #450.

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