June 23, 2009

Product Review: Santee Nail Polish

This polish is the bee's knees. Here's the story. I was at my local beauty supply making a purchase. I needed to spend $1 more to use my debit card. So, I looked around until the nail polish rack caught my eye. I scanned it and saw a pretty pearlized blue that was $1.49. The name of the polish line was Santee, which I had never heard of, and since I long ago left my polish snobbery behind to try a world outside of OPI I added it to my purchase and made my way home.

Once I got home I decided to swatch it AND FELL IN LOVE! The polish applied smoothly. The brush was nice and wide which made application pretty quick. The polish dried pretty quickly and the color, Sky Blue, was gorgeous. I have since gone back to purchase 8 more colors and will be going back to purchase even more. I even had a friend compliment me on Sky Blue so I picked it up for her. The color selection is great. The pigmentation is great, although a couple are more on the sheer side so you have to apply several coats. I noticed that the colors come in about 5 finishes - glass fleck, frost, creme, glitter, and pearl.

Here are some of my favorites:
Sky Blue
Brown Speckle
Neon Green
Pearl Jungle

Overall Rating: 5!
Cost: $$1.00 -2.00
Availability: Check your local beauty supply store, Ebay, Cherryculture.com, or just google it!
Pros: Inexpensive, great color selection, great finishes, easy to apply
Cons: None

Formula: Smooth, not too thin or too thick, dries well
Brush: Some of the brushes were wide and some were the standard width.
Color Selection: Great. There were neutrals, bolds and everything in between.
Wear/Longevity: Really impressive. I think my manicure (without a base) lasted about 5 days. My pedicure lasted about 2 1/2 weeks.
Application: Very easy. No fuss.


Here are a few pics:

Pearl Jungle

(Left to Right) Vikini Green, Neon Green, Sky Blue, Jewelry Gold, Baby Purple

(Left to Right) Baby Purple, Sky Blue,Vikini Green, Pearl Jungle, Neon Green

(Left to Right) Garnet Red, Vikini Green, Pearl Jungle, Neon Green

(Left to Right) Brown Speckle, Silver Blue, Baby Purple, Sky Blue


i might have to try these. i'm addicted to sally hansen and opi and they are both eating the hell out of my wallet. lol! plus i love those colors you showed ;)

@ Admit It - You should! The polish is really great. I was so surprised.

omgg, i have hella santee nail polish. I suggest you try beach blue! i have so many compliments on that. I just bought modern purple. nice! and royal purple!

cutee !:D

I think I'm going to buy Brown Speckle now. It's a lovely color.

I'll see if I can find Beach Blue & modern purple.

Brown Speckle is fantastic & you can't beat the price or quality of these. I was so impressed.

nice colors. i'm wearing a santee purple/mauve shade on my toes right now! but unfortunately, these contain toulene and formaldehyde resin which are very dangerous chemicals and dry out your nails. use a base coat! <3

I am currently wearing Modern Purple which is my current nail polish obsession! A few months ago, Afterglow was my obsession haha!

I've found them for .99 and I've bought four of them and I LOVE them!

Check out www.theaccesshut.com for a huge selection of Santee Polish I got mine there for .99

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