August 25, 2009

The Scoop

Ok. I was browsing Doe Deere Blogazine a couple of weeks ago and saw something really exciting. For those of you who don't know Doe Deere aka Xenia owns Lime Crime Makeup. Doe Deere Blogazine is her blog where she posts photo shoots, makeup tutorials and much more. Right now the only color in the line consists of loose shadows and glitters. But coming in October she will be launching a line of lipsticks. There will be 10 to start and more to come after that. The reason why this caught my eye was the packaging. Take a look:

Crazy right! It's bright pink with a screen-printed hologram. Can you say MAC Heatherette?!?!?! Instead of a disco ball there is a unicorn. I loooooved Heatherette as much for the packaging as I did for the colors inside so I was excited to see what Doe was going to offer. Some of the colors even remind me of those from Heatherette. The collection will be called Candy Future. Here are the first 10 colors:

August 23, 2009

About Face: Steel Wheeling Tutorial

As promised, here is the tutorial for my Steel Wheeling FOTD. I split it into two parts. If you really only want to see the eyeshadow application, watch Part II. Enjoy!

Part I

Part II

August 11, 2009


Minimal strokes for maximum impact
A lot of makeup EVERYWHERE
We wanted pretty with an edge
This season it's like a radiance beauty

MAC just released a video showcasing the new Fall trends. There are smoky eyes, cat eyes, bright lips, dark lips, sheer lips, nude lips, contoured faces - there really is some of everything. I saw a lot of 80s influences (which is hardly at the top of my list). This is a season of makeup. A full face of expression, of color. Check out the video and let me know what you think.

Face Charts

I decided to dedicate a post to my facecharts. This way they will have their own label and can be found more easily. Otherwise you'd have to go to each FOTD. Since there are only 3 FOTDS that's no big deal but as I do more it could become a bit much. So, they will still be included with each FOTD but now they will also be cross refrerenced :)

August 10, 2009

My First Tag!

So, the lovely Tiffanee of Adorned Beauty tagged me. I've never been tagged before so here it goes.
  • Open your first photo folder
  • Sroll down to the 10th photo.
  • Post that photo and story on your blog.
  • Tag five others (or more) friends to do the same.

I have TONS of pictures. The first album happens to be my hair album. I save pictures of hairstyles that I love and hope to replicate. This is a picture of P!nk from the promo shots for her "I'm Not Dead" album. I honestly don't remember how I came about this pic. I think she was promoting the album with a bunch of tv appearances and I loved her look so much I went to find pictures of her. I loved the pink hair and I really loved the styling. As it turned out the makeup in these shots was done by Billy B, a phenomenal celebrity makeup artist who Erin B., from Scandalous Beauty, put my on to. Erin, by the way, has a new site with a revamped blog and forums and a load of great things so check it out if you haven't.

Now, as for my 5 people to tag.....

Adina of Krasey Beauty
Keris of Pumps & Gloss
Yinka (I hope I got that right) of Vex in the City
Erin of Scandalous Beauty
Seymone of Reflections of Beauty

El Fin

August 9, 2009


I know that I am not at all keeping up with my "En Route" topics. Just indulge me just a bit as I deviate to talk to you quickly.

I love makeup. I just love it. It truly has the power to transform. You see it with simple beauty makeup. You see it with special fx makeup and here I have another example for you - MASKS! I looooove seeing people create masks with makeup. I am really astonished by some of the talent out there. So, I always scan YouTube to see if I can find news ones, colorful ones, creative ones! I've found that contest entries for YouTube gurus are a goldmine because there is sure to be someone who's done mask.

I have complied a few below for you. I'm sure you'll be amazed. I am going to try my hand at it. If it works out well, I'll share it with you guys. If it doesn't, I'll spare myself the embarrassment. Onto the masks!

From left to right
MakeupByRisa: Feathered Explosion

goldiestarling: Masquerade Ball Inspired

danalajeunesse: flower inspiration contest entry for panacea81

Assiee: The Zebra-Mask

Petrilude:Halloween: Masquerade

August 8, 2009

FOTD: Challenge: 70s Disco Glitter Goddess

Hey people! So, I am slacking with recording my tutorial. I don't know what my problem is. I started to do it today but I had a couple of glasses of champagne and then got sleepy so that was the end of that. Instead of just not putting up anything I started going through old looks and posting the ones that I really liked. This look is for a challenge that I did on Specktra called 70s Disco Goddess. All I can say is that if you like glitter you HAVE to go out and buy MAC Gold Glitter. I think it's only available at Pro Stores so if you don't have one in your area try 800-866-6464 and place an order by phone. *UPDATE*
I just realized that MAC Gold Glitter will be realeased with the Makeup Art Cosmetics collection along with 3 other glitters. So, check it out when the collection is released...or see if you can get a sample. You'll love it!

UPDATED: The Face Chart

August 5, 2009

FOTD - Face of the Day Steel Wheeling

I thought I would do a FOTD since I have a YouTube tutorial for this look coming up. It's actually over 6 months old. I did it for a Too Faced event I attended at Ulta back in February.

I was just playing around one night and had a vision of a smokey eye with silver on the lid and bronze underneath for contrast. It looked pretty cool in my head and as it turns out it looked pretty cool when finished it on my face. It is truly one of my favorites.

Here's the Face Chart:

August 1, 2009

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