August 11, 2009

Face Charts

I decided to dedicate a post to my facecharts. This way they will have their own label and can be found more easily. Otherwise you'd have to go to each FOTD. Since there are only 3 FOTDS that's no big deal but as I do more it could become a bit much. So, they will still be included with each FOTD but now they will also be cross refrerenced :)


Love it...thank you so much the face charts are extremely helpful!

SoulSunshine, I am so glad! I hoped that people would find them helpful! :D

love love love the face charts... wonderful ideas!

I LOVE your face charts. I've been wanting to chart my own ideas. Can I ask you how did you do yours? Is this easy to do on a program such as Photoshop Elements? Thanks so much for any tips you can give me!

Hi Michelle - You can totally do it in Photoshop Elements. Take a picture of your face and use a filter in PE that will turn it into a sketch. Then you just use the paintbrush, airbrush and other tools to draw the makeup on. Each has a different layer (ie. Eyeliner, lipliner, foundation) and I do it in the order I apply my actual makeup, with the same techniques I use on my face. It takes time so be patient. I'd also say that you can use brush sets found at Deviant Art, for example, for the lashes. Oh, also for the lip and eyeliner I create a path outlining the lips and eyes and stroke the path. I think that's it. Good luck!

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