August 5, 2009

FOTD - Face of the Day Steel Wheeling

I thought I would do a FOTD since I have a YouTube tutorial for this look coming up. It's actually over 6 months old. I did it for a Too Faced event I attended at Ulta back in February.

I was just playing around one night and had a vision of a smokey eye with silver on the lid and bronze underneath for contrast. It looked pretty cool in my head and as it turns out it looked pretty cool when finished it on my face. It is truly one of my favorites.

Here's the Face Chart:


I love your face charts. Very cool!

MsButterfli - Thank you. :)
SoulSunshine - Thanks!
Tiffanee - I'm glad and thank you! I wondered if anyone really cared one way or another. They are time comsuming to do but I love it.

You look beautiful, your eyebrows are off the hook. LOVE IT.

Tysh, thank you very much. :)

Love this look ... Can use this on a hot date! .... May i ask what program u use to get ur own face into a computerized face chart? Amazing

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