August 25, 2009

The Scoop

Ok. I was browsing Doe Deere Blogazine a couple of weeks ago and saw something really exciting. For those of you who don't know Doe Deere aka Xenia owns Lime Crime Makeup. Doe Deere Blogazine is her blog where she posts photo shoots, makeup tutorials and much more. Right now the only color in the line consists of loose shadows and glitters. But coming in October she will be launching a line of lipsticks. There will be 10 to start and more to come after that. The reason why this caught my eye was the packaging. Take a look:

Crazy right! It's bright pink with a screen-printed hologram. Can you say MAC Heatherette?!?!?! Instead of a disco ball there is a unicorn. I loooooved Heatherette as much for the packaging as I did for the colors inside so I was excited to see what Doe was going to offer. Some of the colors even remind me of those from Heatherette. The collection will be called Candy Future. Here are the first 10 colors:

  • #1 Countessa Fluorescent - clean, bright neon pink for that perfect Barbie pout!
  • #2 Styletto – smooth, creamy black. Finally a black that won’t bleed, run or smudge!
  • #3 D’Lilac – boutique crème de lavender dessert in a tube. For post-modern Marie Antoinettes only!

  • #4 Retrofuturist – intensified true red. Snow White’s lips if she worked as a waitress on a spacecraft.
  • #5 Great Pink Planet – cool pastel pink with a neon note. Zing!
  • #6 Cosmopop – softened orange, like a creamsicle… no, a dreamsicle!

  • #7 Airborne Unicorn – my personal favorite! My pride and joy, this purple is somehow pastel & neon at the same time, ah!
  • #8 My Beautiful Rocket – pure luminous orange. Finally an orange that doesn’t have those annoying red undertones! As previously seen here (gosh, do I feel sneaky! ;)).
  • #9 Centrifuchsia – fuchsia amplified to a cosmic degree – wear if you dare!

  • #10 No She Didn’t – the most personality-charged of the 10, this lipstick is an opulent, opaque turquoise blue! Some would say blue is a no-no; I say it’s a big YESSSS.

I am so excited about these. I'm expecting colors reminiscent of MAC Lavender Whip, Violetta, Melrose Mood and what Blast O Blue should have been. According to Doe, these will be opaque, full color lipsticks. I am definitely picking up a few of these. I think women with deeper skintones tend to shy away from color and allow ourselves to be relegated to natural and neutral tones. But, we have the skintones that can stand up to bold color. So, embrace it and try something different. If there was ever a season to do it, this is it. Pre-sales for the Candy Future collection begin September 1st with orders shipping October 1st.


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