September 22, 2009

Evolution: Alicia Keys

I have been a fan of Alicia Keys for a while now. I wasn't an immediate fan, though. I didn't get the whole piano playing, braid wearing, hip-hop thing she had going. But, I she won me over. So, I started paying more attention to her look. One of the things that struck me was how bold her makeup was. This is a time when most everyone was wearing neutral tones of gold and bronze, nude lips and a lot of brown. But, along comes this chick who was wearing purple and teal and bright green. I loved how daring she was and it was a nice contrast to how tomboy-ish she appeared to be. It was interesting. That was the Alicia Keys of 2001. Now we see the Alicia of 2009. She's come a long way. She's softened her entire look. Gone is the edge and roughness to be replaced by softness and grace. Her makeup reflects that. There is a subtly and simplicity that enhances her natural beauty (because she truly is a natural beauty) instead a lot of colors and shapes that made a statement but took away from it.

Background Image: As I Am promo 2007

Top Row (left to right):
Post Grammy Party 2001, American Music Awards 2002, Costume Institute Gala 2003, David LaChapelle shoot 2003, American Music Awards 2004

Bottom Row (left to right):
Fashion Rocks 2005, George Holz shoot 2006, MTV VMAS 2007, BET Awards 2008, BET Awards 2009

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