October 16, 2009

Are You Feeling This?

Images courtesy of rihannadaily.com

These are shots from the video Rihanna is filming in New York right now. If you know me, you know I STAN for Ri Ri but sometimes she loses me. Can't decide if this is one of those times. I am growing a little tired of the thigh high boots and garters/short shorts. I also really don't know if I am digging that hair. But, I do like the jacket and the boots are fly. As for the makeup, it's a standard smokey eye with a defined shape and a nude lip. I guess I'll have to see the video and hear the song in their entirety. Regardless, that's my girl!


Crystal,yeah the boots are cold!

The suspenders on show thing is "in" at the mo so she's just jumping on the bandwagon there. Love the boots, hate the hair which looks like a skunk on crack!

Don't get me started on the eye patch, I didn't realise Pirate Chic was making a comeback!

Vex, yeah I have seen the garter trend on several people and ehhhh...it's ok, I suppose. That hair...again...I don't know.

the only thing im not liking is that she is trying to resemble Hitler...

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