December 6, 2009

Because I Love It: Amber Rose Edition

PhotobucketAmber Rose = Hot! Like really hot.

I noticed her when she started dating Kanye West. I loved that she was rocking a bleached buzz cut (essentially) when most other women are so hair obsessed that they're trying to grow hair down their backs. I've seen her color her hair blue. I've seen her with bright blue lipstick. I've seen her in leotards & leather jackets, leggings & evening gowns. She stands out because she takes risks with fashion & beauty. There is nothing more refreshing & intriguing than someone who isn't afraid to be different. Actually, I think she revels in it. I love it and because of it I love Amber Rose.


I think she is super cute and she definitely knows how to change up her style (boyish dressing or couture) and still be sexy.

Some of her outfits are actually awful, but when she gets it right, she looks amazing!

i totally love amber for her fierceness..

she gets it.

fashion is an individual statement..

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