December 9, 2009

Black Hair & Ruby Lips

I have two posts coming up this week, both of which feature videos and both of which I'm in the process of editing:

  1. I dyed my hair black. If you follow me on twitter or notice my updates in the sidebar, you'll know I dyed my hair. My hair is naturally dark brown but I've been thinking about dying if for a couple years now. I used a demi-permanent color which will gradually rinse out over the next 2 months. The video shows what I used, how I applied it and the results.

  2. I did a makeup tutorial with the classic neutral eye & red lip BUT I used red glitter on top of the red lipstick. Pretty cool. I also added a little gold to the center of the lips just to add something a little different. are a couple pics, sneak peeks if you will.


totally rockin..

and i thought your hair was already black...

i used to go black for winter but the last time i did it..i felt so blah but you have great coloring and the makeup is va so its fab on you!

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