December 21, 2009

Project: Blue Black Hair

There is a Polish girl that works at the Sally beauty supply I frequent. She has a tan that's deepened her skin tone to only a few shades lighter than mine. LOL. But what catches my attention every time is her hair. She has a really cute razor cut bob that is JET BLACK. It's the kind of black that you can tell is from a bottle and not her scalp. I love it! I think the contrast between the tan skin and deep black looks amazing. I see women from time to time with hair like this and for the last 2 years or so I have been soooo tempted to dye my hair so that I can get that color.

My mother was born with jet black hair and hated it. She always wanted it lighter but because black hair is next to impossible to lift she was stuck with it. I, on the other hand, have dark brown hair and so I've been able to color it over the years. I've mostly highlighted it with copper, blonde, light brown, etc., but I never dyed it black. So about a month ago I decided to do it. I debated whether or not to go and have it professionally done but I figured that it's all black color. How can I mess that up? I have a relaxer so I had to wait until I got a touch up before I could color it. Due to my laziness it took a while to get it touched up because I just didn't feel like doing it. But, I finally did and did a little research online about relaxers & color to see what brand was best, how long I should wait to color and what type of color I should get. In the end, I opted for a demi-pernanment which will wash out in a couple of months but will be less damaging to my hair than a permanent color.

I was so excited. Cut to me standing in Sally Beauty looking over all of the demi-permanent options. I had a hard time deciding on the tone of black because I thought a red tone black would be more flattering whereas a blue black might make me look washed out or sickly. I ended up picking the blue black anyway because it was the deepest black available by Ion, the company I was recommended. I pay for the color and developer and I'm out the door. I decided to wait about a week after my relaxer to color it.

The day finally came and it was time to go. I took everything out and read over the directions, very straightforward. You have to mix a 1:1 ratio of the color & developer. Can I just say that I was sooo nervous??? I had never done it before and I was double and triple checking everything to make sure I wasn't making any mistakes. I'm doing all this as I am recording the process so I can make a video to post on YouTube. I didn't see a lot of videos on dying your hair black and I thought it might help someone. Anywho, I mix up the color, apply, wait about 60 min while I flutter about the house, shower, rinse out the color, shampoo & condition and then it's done.

At first I was kind of disappointed. It was rather anti-climatic, really. I didn't see a huge change because my hair was already naturally so dark. I was bummed. I blew it dry, wrapped it and went to sleep. While I was sleeping the hair fairies must have visited because when I woke up the next morning and took a look it was super black. YAY!! It was exactly what I wanted. We'll see how long it lasts. I imagine I'll be doing it again around February. So take a look at the video & as always, ENJOY!


Your hair looks great. I love how the color turned out, and your cut is great for it. I have gone back and forth over the yrs about going black, but I am sooooo lazy with updating hair color, I stopped highlighting because I was terrible at upkeep.I will be interested to see how this washes/grows out on you!

Thank you. This is sooo easy to maintain. The color still looks great. It's been about 3 weeks now. I am not one for upkeep either so I needed a color that wouldn't require a lot of maintenance. I'll do an update post in another 2-3 weeks to show how it's coming along.

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