December 22, 2009

What's in your makeup folder?

What do you do with images that inspire you? When you flip through a magazine or watch a YouTube video and see a look that you love, what do you do with it? When someone posts a FOTD do you save the pics to your computer? I do - all the time. The image to the right happens to be one of them. When something jumps out at me and I want to recreate it or just commit it to memory to draw from it later I save it. I have a "makeup" folder on my hard drive that is full of these images. There have to be around 300 pictures, all of which were found on blogs, stills I captured from YT videos, FOTD posts people have done, Google image results and many other things. I'm constantly adding to them and like to browse them when I'm bored or just in a makeup rut.

At first I did it without really thinking much of it. It was just something I did for myself. But then I started talking to other people & realized that they do the same thing. Actually, a few people have said they saved my pictures to their makeup folders. I couldn't believe it! LOL.

Below I wanted to give you a glimpse into the contents of my folder. You may even see a picture of yourself. :)


beautiful. I can totally tell why you have them in your folder. Stunning selection!

I have saved a few photos (I bookmark instead), but I do save face charts all the time. Great inspiration pieces. Do not be surprised, your skills are awesome.

LOL, I have some of those same pics saved in my folder!!!

I stay collecting photos that inspire me or just ones that I admire greatly!

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