January 7, 2010

Product Review: Revlon PhotoReady Foundation

I recently decided to test drive Revlon’s foray into the world of HD makeup. They’ve soft-launched their new PhotoReady foundation which, from what I’ve read, is supposed to rival Makeup Forever’s HD foundation.

Before I go any further I do have to tell you that, me being the genius that I am, I didn’t think to take PICTURES of the foundation. I didn’t swatch it on my hand or show pictures of how it looked once applied to my face. Unfortunately, I returned it so it’s not even an option now. But, before I returned it I did shoot a video review showing the foundation and my application so hopefully that will help.

There are about 10 shades total, and of those 10 only about 3 would work on women my complexion or darker. I decided on 008 Golden Beige, which looked like a reasonable match under the lighting in CVS. It is not. Not even close. You’ll see that in the video. I think 007 Cool Beige might have worked better as it was darker but the undertones were off. As I said, this seems to be the soft launch so hopefully in the coming months we can expect to see more color options especially since ColorStay, arguably their most popular foundation, has shades which are much more varied.

All in all it’s not a bad foundation. Check out the video for a more detailed review. Here are a few pros & cons.



Price: $13.99

Limited shades

Chic Packaging

Shimmer finish

Foundation Pump

SPF creates “wash out” with camera flash

Slightly thicker consistency than ColorStay

Available at drugstore

SPF 20


Good Review!

I picked up the same color, and I was also shocked at how light it was coming out of the bottle. It matches me ok for now - but once summer hits there is no way its going to work for me.

I would prefer something just a little darker - the next darker one is too dark. Also,strangley - I find that if I wear Smashbox Light primer its WAY too light, but if I put it with the LM primer or directly on my fave, it seems to "fade" in better.

I do like the formula alot, the shimmer I could also do without, but I keep asking my husband if he could see it, and he said he could not. So perhaps its only when you are right next to it...

Thank you for the tip on the Ben Nye powder, I am going to pick some up online, and see if that helps! :-)

Interesting. This is such a crazy foundation. If you can find your shade it seems to really work for people but if your shade if off then it doesn't look right at all.

Great Review...I am so over my constant search of foundations...I have a neverending drawer of didn't quite works!! I wanted to try this one too but then I kept hearing it was thicker than the Colorstay and I honestly found the Colorstay as thick as I cared to use.Also not wanting to have shimmer in my foundation.....I have seen some great fotd's using it though...I must admit I am curious how it would look on IRL...May try but I'm thinking not probably

Tish, it's worth trying out (when it's on sale) just to see what you think. Maybe you can try it when they expand the color selection.

Great review. I think the Dark MSF really made a difference. I hope that Revlon will come out w. darker shades. There is really no excuse for that!

I bought this today in Caramel 010 and it is almost identical to my MUFE 173 and it matched perfectly...I really like the coverage

Where did you find Caramel? I saw someone else say that they got it and I have never seen it. It would probably be the perfect color for me. I can't wait to the full launch.

It is the perfect color for you...I got it at Walmart...But I saw it at Walgreens as well today I posted swatches of the color compared to MUFE 173 almost identical..I will email them to you

Walmart..Argh! Hmmm...Walgreens. I'll take look. I probably need to use up the Rich Ginger I bought first...

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