February 21, 2010

When is enough....enough?

I have been so intrigued over the last few weeks with the media coverage on Heidi Montag's plastic surgery. She has undergone 10 surgeries, everything from breast augmentation to chin reduction. I will say that it's fascinating to think that, with the help of a scalpel, you really can transform into a completely different person. Apparently, she's said that she is obsessed & plans to do more. But here are a couple of questions I have:

  1. At what point do you stop saying, "if I don't like it I'll just change it"?
  2. At what point do you realize that it's ok to accept the things you may not like? Embrace them instead of trying to constantly change them.
  3. At what point are you no longer yourself because you've changed so many of the things that define who that is.

I had this debate with a member of Specktra.net several years ago. She was getting implants & may have had a nose job. I can't remember. Her philosphy was that if she didn't like something and could change it, she would. I thought the whole idea of that was flawed. She surmissed that I was the type of person to settle and be miserable but condemn other poeple for being proactive enough to make changes they felt neccesary. I'm paraphrasing but that was the overall gist. I remember reading that and thinking that we were operating on two completely different planes.

I don't take issue with plastic surgery. I have thought about it myself. But, I always came back to the points I mentioned earlier. Is it better to change something I don't like or to grow to accept it and be ok with it? The reality is that plastic surgery makes people feel impowered. You suddenly realize that it is completely within your ability to alter or change things that you don't like. So, while you are making those literal changes I think there are more figurative changes you are making as well. That has to start changing your perception of self and your outlook on life in general. It may sound like I'm reaching but go with me for a second. If you feel like, "wow, I hated xyz and I changed it" then do you think that there is no reason to accept the things that you don't like? You can't change everything. It just seems like a slippery slope.

I don't know. Maybe I'm just babbling.


I often wonder just what you are saying here. Heidi M. clearly has issues that were too painful to resolve via therapy. Plastic surgery is never a quick fix to loving yourself, just like gastric bypass is not either for those who are obese. If you make a point to say "as soon as I get my ears pinned back I am going to love all of myself", then that's one thing, but if you never resolve the issues behind why you think you 'need' surgery, then IMO it's a waste of time, money, and energy on all parties involved.

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