February 9, 2010

MAC Spring Colour Forecast Preview Event

Last Saturday I attended a preview event for MAC's huge 4-part Spring Colour Forecast collection. It was held at one of my local Nordstrom locations after store hours. I wasn't going to go at first because: A) I don't usually like MAC events. They're always packed and you can't move around let alone see the collection. B) I am not really that excited about this collection. But, there I was with 50-60 other people drinking, socializing and browsing the collection.

It took 10 min to get this shot without a million people standing around or in front of it.

You had to RSVP for a specific arrival time: 8:00PM, 8:30PM, 9:00PM, 9:30PM. At first I was like, "whaaaaaaa?" That's awfully late to hold an event. But, I RSVP'd for 8:30PM and that was that.

Front & back of the product checklist used for your purchases

I arranged to meet a friend there and arrived a little later than she did. When I walked up to the store I was greeted by a rude @%$&!#* of a security guard, but that's a story for another time. I'll just say that it didn't begin the evening on the best note. I proceeded to the line to check in and I don't know if it was a full moon or what but the customer service was lacking and there seemed to be more than enough attitude to go around. I was given a checklist which lists each product from the new collection. When you are ready to make your purchase, you check off what you'd like and give it to one of the MAs. They retrieve it for you and it makes the whole process much smoother than having 30 people in line waiting to make their purchases. I was also told that for that night only all of the eyeshadows were buy 2 get 1 free. Very cool! The shadows in the new collection were excluded as the free shadow but could be either of the two you purchased. I knew I probably wouldn't be purchasing any so it wasn't a concern for me but it was a great deal. I had never heard of MAC doing that....must be this economy???

The Spring Colour Forecast pamphlet highligting the colors & products from the collection

I checked in (another customer service FAIL) and made my way into the store. There were two very nice, very friendly men clad in pastels colors similar to those in the collection. One was handing out Colour Forecast pamphlets. The other was handing out drinks which he told me were orange juice, gin and something else. They were definitely refreshing but had very little alcohol in them.

I made my way further into the store. This was a big event. There were a ton of people and I really didn't want to deal with the mob. I found my friend after about 10 minutes and we kind of just stood on the perimeter watching. I don't think either of us was in the mood for the attitudes, the mob or just the circus atmosphere that surrounds events like this.

Servers with refreshing orange juice and gin cocktails and brownies

There were men walking around with the drink I mentioned earlier and others with hors d'oeuvres, one of which was brioche, brie and port jelly....ummm no. I am all for experimenting and trying new things but I had just eaten and that didn't even sound remotely appetizing. There were also brownies and sponge cake floating around on silver trays throughout the crowd but I passed on it all.

A look at the Spring Colour 1 Forecast

A look at the Spring Colour 2 Forecast

The closest I could get to Spring Colour 3 Forecast

A look at the Spring Colour 4 Forecast

There were people standing around talking, drinking, swatching, and applying makeup. I was actually surprised by that. There were so many people that I thought we'd just swatch the colors and browse but there were MAs doing makeup. There was really no way that I was going to get a chance to see and try out the products for myself. I didn't even try. I'll go back to another counter when the collection launches and take a look. So, in any case, I just walked around took some pics.

Love, love, love Gaby!

Holly, one of my favorite MAs! We met at this store about 5-6 years ago.

Shannon - super cute & super talented.

Gorgeous MA who I've never met before but she was flawless head to toe!

I did see some of my favorite MAC employees. Some I just met recently and some I have known for years!

Can you see the madness????

More madness

The poor model looking bored out of her mind

My friend and I rolled out around 10:00PM. The party was still going strong. I don't know what time the customers got out of there and I can't imagine when the MAs left but I had certainly had my fill.

The Spring Colour Forecast collection should be out in stores and at counters this Thursday, February 11, but it's available for purchase now on http://www.maccosmetics.com/

MAC Spring Colour Forecast 1 - Pink

MAC Spring Colour Forecast 2 - Coral

MAC Spring Colour Forecast 3 - Plum

MAC Spring Colour Forecast 4 - Amber


i was supposed to go to this at 8:30 too, but passed at the last minute. wasn't feeling dealing with a mob either. plus, i just got approved for my Pro card so I knew i wouldn't be making any purchases then. looks like a mob scene. i adore Shannon...she's may ABSOLUTE FAVORITE MAC MA!!!!

The last MA her makeup looks really nice, that place was a HOT MESS, LOL @ skindeepbeauty, I am the same way since I have a PRO card I don't even bother with the department stores.

skinndeepbeauty - you didn't miss anything. You can always go to one of the stores on the day it launches...and you'll get a discount.

Tysh - It was so packed and it being Nordstrom, it attracted a lot of pretentious people, a lot of attitude. Great to get out the house, nothing special though.

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