March 5, 2010

Event: MAC Give Me Liberty of London Preview

A couple of weeks ago I attended the Nordstrom preview of the MAC Spring Colour Forecast collection. So, I was surprised to see another invitation to a preview event in the mail. This time it was being held at the MAC Pro store and the collection was Give Me Liberty of London. The last event I attended at the Pro store was the MAC Hello Kitty preview, an experience I shared on Specktra's blog. It was about a year ago and that night was freezing cold, as this one turned out to be, and the line to enter was down the block. I was hoping this wouldn't be a repeat of that night.

I RSVP'd for 7:00PM this time around, which was the earliest time available. I actually ended up getting there at about 7:30PM but I called ahead to ask if that would be a problem and was told that it shouldn't be. As I approached the store I could see that there definitely was no line outside the store, although I did see several people standing just inside the entrance. I walked in and a gentleman on my right asked me for my i.d. Once he checked that, a young lady on my left checked me in. I think I briefly explained how the process goes for these events in my Colour Forecast post but I'll refresh your memory. You call the store to RSVP for the events and the arrivals are usually staggered so as to prevent a rush of customers all at once. When you arrive you give your first and last name and the greeter, for lack of a better term, checks you off their guest list. You are given a checklist of the products. Once you decide what you'd like you can make a note of it on the sheet and a "runner" will grab the products for you. You wait in line to pay for them and you're all set.


I have to say that the woman at the door this time was fabulous. She cheerfully greeted me, gave me my checklist of products, explained the procedure and told me that anyone in all black was a MAC artist who would answer any of my questions. She gets an A+ from me, seriously. Good service is paramount for me. When you attend an event, any event, the first people you encounter, especially the people who greet you, set the tone. If they are rude, aloof, or incompetent it doesn't bode well for the rest of the evening. So like I said, I appreciated her courtesy and professionalism.


Fortunately the store wasn't packed. There were quite a few people but it wasn't bad. Apparently, I got there just in time because when I looked back at the entrance there were about a dozen people at the door. I continued into the store to check out the collection. I actually walked right past the counters displaying the collection. There is only one display unit for this collection. I think I have gotten accustomed to the recent MAC collections which have been larger and were displayed on 2 or 3 units. Anyhow, I made my way over and once I could get past some woman who was standing in front of the display doing God knows what for God knows how long, I swatched the colors.


I will say, for me, the standouts were the lipsticks. They come in 3 different formulas. There are 2 Amplified (Blooming Lovely and Petals & Peacocks), 1 Cremesheen (Ever Hip) and 1 Satin (Peachstock). They were very creamy and 3 out of the 4 were very pigmented. If I were to buy one it would definitely have been Petal & Peacocks. It's sooo hot! It's got that brightness that MAC does well with their fuchsias but this is a little different from anything in the permanent or pro lineup.

The eyeshadows were ok, with 2 clear standouts in terms of texture and pigmentation - Dame’s Desire and Birds & Berries. I read someone compare Dame's Desire to a purple version of Stars N Rockets and that's about right. Birds & Berries is gorgeous. It's a Veluxe Pearl and reminds me of the orginal Veluxe Pearl release when all the VP shadows were buttery soft, super pigmented and very metallic. This color is what I expected Grey Range from the Photo Realism quad to be. It's a deep dark teal with green shimmer. I started to snap swatches of them all on my hand but only 2 showed up so I didn't see the point.

I didn't swatch the glosses either because they didn't stand out and I didn't want to be bothered with asking for doefoots. The beauty powders had no pigmentation. Scratch that, they didn't have enough pigmentation for my skintone. Perhaps fairer skin would "fare" better. (Hahaha...I punned) Anywoooooo, the blushes were ok but again, they didn't stand out. I will say this, though, I have learned to give a second look at things that don't "stand out" because they can often surprise you. I'll go back when the collection launches and take a look at everything again. I don't buy MAC nail polishes so I passed on those as well.


Now for the packaging: I loved it! None of that sticker nonsense ala Fafi. These were screen printed. I remember being soooo disappointed to learn that the Fafi graphics were stickers and it's made me nervous about MAC's special packaging ever since. The packaging is a glossy white with, almost child-like, drawings of colorful birds and flowers. Although it's not typically a style I would go for, it works. It definitely makes you think of Spring; very cute.


As for the rest of the event itself, there were men walking around (why is it always men?) with trays (decorated with Liberty of London print) of London/British-themed treats. I saw marzipan & jelly biscuits, puff pastry (no idea about the filling), scones, and fish & chips (with malt vinegar!). For refreshments there was water with lime and a Tanqueray Gin cocktail with fresh strawberries & soda.


In the front of the store there was a guy with a guitar playing and singing softly. Unfortunately he was drowned out by the music being piped through the speakers. There was also a model who looked like she stepped right out of the visual for the collection. I'm always so amazed that MAC casts models who so closely resemble the model from the visuals. I'm also amazed at the attention to detail MAC pays to extending the theme of the collection to every aspect of the event.


I stayed for about a 1/2 hour. The store started getting packed. I had seen what I came to see, took my pics, my video and was ready to call it a night. The event wasn't bad. The collection is cute. I think that if you are a die-hard MAC lover these events are for you. I have kind of grown out of that phase but I still appreciate being invited because I get to report on them for you. :)


You can head over to Temptalia if you haven't seen the collection already. She has great photos and swatches of the colors and a more in depth description of each.


Thanks for the coverage and the swatches!

I passed on this collection too because I've basically seen those colors before. I was THINKING about getting the grey eyeshadow and then remembered I have Scene..or is it Print? But anyway, yea, I'm pretty much over the hype of it all too. (thankfully, LOL)

Yeah...There were 3 colors I would buy and that's about it. The grey has a green tint & reminds me of the greenish grey from the Photo Realism quad.

MAC needs to slow it down. There is too much too soon & you don't a chance to enjoy what you've purchased or get excited for the next.

Thanks for the great review! It's always nice to get a "sneak peek" of the new collections!

sounds like you had a good time..hate i couldnt join ya..

the colors are very pretty although i have a hard time moving away from my golds and browns and silvers..i could possibly rock that petal and peacocks

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