June 4, 2010

The Makeup Show Week - Out & About in NYC

This is my next to last installment of The Makeup Show Week. I fell off my posting schedule. Sorry. The next post will be my haul and I think I'll do a video for that so stay tuned. Anyway, let's get to it.


This was my first trip to NYC. I was excited, nervous, curious, anxious and a bunch of other emotions. I arrived in NYC on Saturday, May 15. My flight was supposed to come into JFK. I had already figured out how to get to my hotel and everything. Well, it was diverted to LaGuardia instead.

When I landed there was supposed to be a shuttle to JFK but there was SO much confusion about it that I decided to pay for another shuttle to The Port Authority in Manhattan. After stopping at Penn Station I was the only person left on the shuttle. On our way to The Port Authority we got stuck in traffic on 42nd street so the driver let me out in the middle of the street, right around 6th ave. So crazy! LOL. Anyway, there was a little street festival going on so I decided to check it out.

There were booths selling jewelry, scarves, food, music, and several other things. I was hungry and since I was headed to my hotel and then to Erin's event it meant that I probably wouldn't get a chance to grab anything to eat until much later. So, I picked up a gyro at one of the stands, an $8 gyro. Now I know a gyro should not cost $8 but it was a street fair in NYC so I figured that was about par.

I left the street fair and made my way over to Times Square to walk around a bit. I popped into Sephora, Walgreens, and a few other places. Up to this point NYC looked like any big city but Times Square blew my mind. There is nothing like it. It's surreal and massive and unbelievable. Between the sea of people and the larger than life billboards, you feel like you're in some weird alternate reality. LOL. I didn't actually make it to The Port Authority. I saw another train station entrance in Times Square so I decided to just catch the train there. After taking the wrong train (thanks MTA map), I finally made it to my hotel. I ate my gyro, relaxed for a minute and then changed and headed out to Erin's Fly Beauty Lounge event.


Sunday was the first day of the show and, to be honest, when I left I was beat. I went back to my hotel and took a shower. I was going to go for a drink at A60, the rooftop bar at 60 Thompson hotel. But, I didn't hear back from the person I was supposed to go with. It was a blessing really because I was secretly wishing she wouldn't call. I just wanted to chill and get ready for the show the next day. But, next time I'm in the city I WILL be going.


Life is funny in the sense that nothing ever works out as you plan. Then they are things that come along that you didn't expect and they are absolute delights. That is the best way to describe Monday. The day started off rough. I didn't sleep well. I woke up with a headache. My legs and feet were sore. I missed the ONE seminar that I came to the show to see. Plus, it looked like the show would be half over by the time I got there. I needed coffee and I needed to take a moment to pull myself together. I decided to head to Limelight Marketplace, a new indoor market not far from the show. I saw it when I was researching places to eat near the show. It's such a cute spot.

The building used to be a church, then it was a nightclub for a number of years and now it's a market. There are three floors of small shops which sell cosmetics, accessories, bath & body, gourmet foods, clothings, perfumes, and much more. I stopped in and picked up gelato & espresso and walked around a bit. I really enjoyed myself. It wasn't crowed so I could freely and comfortably browse. I would defintely recommend it if you're in Chelsea with a little time to kill.

I finally made it to the show. I walked around a bit then headed to the event at the Makeup Forever store before coming back to close out the show. I met up with Erin, Amina, and Brittany, fellow beauty bloggers. They were headed to Brooklyn to check out a new store selling bath and body products and I asked if I could tag along. I didn't have any plans and I wanted to get out and do something. Plus, I wanted to see more of the city and spend time with some other bloggers. I hadn't gotten a chance to really see anyone and by Monday most people had left or were leaving.

We took a series of trains and ended up in Brooklyn at Karen's Body Beautiful. I wasn't familiar with the company but it's a Black owned business that started off online before expanding to an actual storefront. The space is a beautiful and it's not even finished. Aside from the retail area in the front of the store there will be spa services offered in the back. According to Karen, the owner, everything should be up and running within the next couple months. On top of that, they are also in the process of repackaging their products. I got a sneak peek and was very impressed. The new packaging is very sleek, very modern and really ties into the chic and modern look of the store. You can tell that a lot of thought was put into every detail of the design for the space and the packaging.

Once we left the shop we headed back to Manhattan to meet up with a friend of Brittany's for dinner. We walked around a bit and ended up on Restaurant Row at Yum Yum 3, a quaint thai restaurant. The food was good, the conversation was great and we ended up closing up restaurant. It was about 12:00AM at that point. We all walked back to Times Square where we split off so that everyone could head back to their respective homes/hotels. GREAT NIGHT!


Ahhhh....Tuesday. I deliberately planned my trip so that I would have Tuesday to walk around the city and explore. I knew the show would occupy most of my time and I wanted a day to walk around and soak in NYC. My flight didn't leave until 8:40PM so I planned to get out and make the most of my last day. Well, mother nature had something else in mind. It rained. And by rained I mean it poured. All Day. Not only did it rain, but the temperature dropped about 20 degrees. I hadn't packed for cooler weather and I didn't have an umbrella. My life. I seriously debated what I should do. I didn't want to spend all day in the hotel lobby but I didn't want to be out in the cold rain either. In the end, I decided to layer the clothing I did bring and borrow an umbrella from the hotel. I left my bags at front desk and headed out to try to see SOMETHING on my last day.

When I attended the Makeup Forever event I left a bag behind at the store so I stopped by to pick that up. When I arrived KJ Bennett was there working with the artists. I introduced myself, which was funny because he thought we met before which we really hadn't. I did attend a blogger preview at The Artist Summit last year and he spoke to the group of us but that was about it.

From there I decided to check out the MAC Pro store. I have seen it so many times in pictures and people have said that it's amazing. I was told that it would be hard to find and truer words have never been spoken. I spent 20 minutes in the rain walking around trying to find this store. When I finally made it up to the store I was VERY underwhelmed. It was empty, dark and looks much better in pictures. From there I decided to head further uptown to Inglot.

Naturally, with my luck being what it is, when I arrived at Inglot it was closed for construction. I couldn't believe it. It was the one store I really wanted to see in person. They were at the show with some of the products but I wanted to see the entire product line. Oh well. Maybe next time.

My father wanted some NYC souvenirs so I walked into one of the shops that I saw. The stuff was okay but nothing I would purchase and certainly not at those price points.

I walked around Times Square a bit and then hopped on the train and headed back to grab something to eat and walk around SoHo. I stopped by Mooncake Foods, another restaurant on my list, and had a chicken stew which was a pretty good dish for the cold, wet weather.

Next, I was off to check out SoHo. There were so many cute restaurants, galleries, clothing stores, etc. If the weather had been nicer I would have really enjoyed walking around and checking it all out. But, after about an hour I was tired, soaking wet and I needed to start heading to the airport. I stopped by the hotel to pick up my luggage and then I was off to JFK.

I cut my time really close. The airlines suggest that you arrive two hours before your flight but I got there about an hour and fifteen minutes before my flight. Thankfully, security was a breeze and I was at the terminal in no time.

I was really impressed. The terminal was beautiful. It looked kind of like a mall, actually. Very cute restaurants and bars. Small shops and thankfully they had WiFi! I wanted to walk around a bit but I was so uncomfortable because my pants, shoes and socks were so wet that I stayed put. I did make it over to Jamba Juice and by the time I got to the gate everyone had boarded! I couldn't believe it. I think I was the last to board. We waited about an hour on the runway before we could take off but once we were in the air it was a nice flight.

It was midnight by the time I got home....and I was so happy to be there. NYC was good but be it ever so humble, there's no place like home. :) I am definitely going back, though. There was so much that I missed. I'm going to keep my eye out for one of those last minute weekend deals. Perhaps I'll make it there again later this year.


first of all you look amazing on your pictures! girl, it sounds like you made the best of it despite the bad weather!! NYC can be quite intimidating and you did a lot for your first time! I love love love Times Square!!
I also went to that street festival :)
I am glad we had a chance to hang out at Yum yum..

I am very proud of you for going on the train by yourself on your first trip to NYC, you know I was laughing because you went the wrong way.. I live in NY and I hate going to Times Square just too many tourist and they are slow as hell for someone like me that walks very fast...LOL Hopefully next time I can hang out with you on your next visit...

Amina - Thank you. I wish I could have done more. If the weather cooperated it would have been so awesome. Next time I go, I'm just going to kick it and see the sights. The show occupied so much of my time and was tiring that when it was done for the day so was I.

Tysh - LOL...several people said that. But, girl I'm from Chicago. I've been taking the train since I could walk. Taking the train in NYC is no different. I just ended up getting on a train that wasn't local so I got off and hopped back on the local. I was only a couple of stops down. I've done that here too. LOL. Times Square isn't for me either, except that it's centrally located so you can get anywhere from there. Next time I come, we'll have to go out for a drink or lunch or something. :)

Awww, I LOVED this post. Let me know if and when you head back to the city. Maybe we can all plan to go again around the same time. Holla!

Well I know you can come back in April because I heard that the IMATS will be coming to NYC next year, YIPPIE for the east coast makeup lovers.....

I Am definitely planning to come for IMATS and the make up show. So I hope I can meet you Tysh :)

Oh most definately, and I will have a brand new camera in hand, LOL

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