May 23, 2010

The Makeup Show Week - Day 1

Hey everyone! Last week I flew out to New York to attend The Makeup Show. For those that don't know, The Makeup Show is a pro event held every year by The Powder Group. There are makeup artists from across the country, and the world, who come together to network, to browse brands and products and to learn. You can learn a little more about it on their site.

There are seminars and workshops lead by some of the best in their fields. It was particularly great for me because I got to meet tons of beauty bloggers. Some of the bloggers I have known from beauty forums over the years, some through twitter and yet there were some to whom I'd only been introduced through the show.

I am devoting this entire week to my trip to The Makeup Show. I have A LOT to share, including my haul, my walk through SoHo, an event I attended at The Makeup Forever store (where I met Dany Sanz) and TONS of pictures. So let's get started!


I woke up, had breakfast and headed out to the show! I had everything planned out. I wanted to be there in time to catch Achieving Editorial Beauty Jon Hennessey for Inglot Cosmetics. Well, it was not to be. I was making my way toward the Pavilion when I realized that I left my money back at my hotel. Soooooo....I hopped back on the train and made my way back to the hotel to grab my money. When I finally made it back to the pavilion, I'd missed Jon's seminar. Oh well. My life. So, on to the next. Hollywood's Red Carpet Trend's Lori Taylor for Smashbox Cosmetics was the next seminar on my list.

I'm sure Lori was great. I love to watch her tutorials on However, I was so far back and there was so much commotion going on behind, and around, me that I couldn't really get into the presentation. I stayed about 5 mins and then started to make my way around the show.

The show was crazy. Lots of people, lots of booths, lots to see and lots to overwhelm you.

I ran into a few bloggers as I made my rounds. (Clockwise from top left: Erin from Makeup Fiend, Kerris from Pumps and Gloss, Marsha from BrownFaceTV, Nikkia from Silver Lips Beauty)

Once I walked around a bit I made my way back to the seminar area so I could check out
Durable Divas: Party Proof Makeup Kevin James Bennett for Make Up For Ever. I have heard several times that KJ Bennett presents some of the best seminars and that they are not to be missed. Well, again, I was so far back that it was hard to really see what he was doing. I tried to move up a little closer and catch things from the side but I gave up. Word to the wise, if you want to see one of these seminars get to the space early and grab a seat. It's the only way to ensure that you get a good look at what's going on and really enjoy it.

I was going to attempt to hit one more seminar but before I did I walked around a bit more. I walked by MAC where the artists were doing some cool body painting. I had seen pictures of similar work done by MAC artists at a pro event in Miami so it was cool to see it up close. MAC didn't have much else to offer at their booth so I didn't linger for long.

I breezed by Stila and caught up with a couple more bloggers. (Clockwise from top right: Risa from Makeup By Risa, Awilda from The Makeup Republic, Adina from Krasey Beauty)

To cap off my day I decided to attend Tools of the Trade James Vincent for Crown Brush. This time I was standing in the back again but the seminar space was smaller so I was able to see and hear much better. I really like James. He's the organizer of the show and I first met him at The Artist Summit in Chicago. He's nice and I think he's mad talented. I was excited to hear what he was going to share with us. Crown Brush has dozens and dozens of different brushes that are reasonably priced. I picked up a few at the summit based on James' recommendations. My camera had died at this point so I didn't get pictures for you guys but I kept my ears open. He shared a lot and answered a lot of questions. To summarize:

  • Use taupe shadow to contour the face & eye as well as fill in the brow. It's natural looking and universal. I had my doubts but the model he used was Latina with yellow undertones and it looked great.

  • Use a fine tip brush and waterproof cream product to fill in the brow. Instead of drawing in the entire brow, use short, quick motions to draw in individual hair. You get a very natural look to the brow and it won't budge. (Try Stila Smudgepots or MUFE Aqua Creams)

  • Be very mindful of where you place blush. Consider the client's face shape. If they have a round face, for example, it's not a good idea to place blush on the apples of the cheek. This will only emphasize the roundness of their face. Whereas, if you need to add fullness to a very narrow, thin face placing blush on the apples is ideal.

  • Try applying mascara using a lash fan instead of disposable mascara spoolies. Keep three or four lash fans on you. They work very well for coating each lash, on top and underneath. Plus, you can get right at the base of the lashes. You're also able to apply the mascara evenly from base to tip.

There were tons of other tips that he shared. If I can think of any more, I'll update the post. So, that was day 1. I was exhausted. I was sweaty and felt gross. I made my way back to my hotel, took a shower and grabbed some Mexican food (which was pretty good, gotta love chicken mole enchiladas), a Smirnoff Ice and called it a night. Stay tuned for Day 2!


It was great meeting you! I just left a bunch of comments on your facebook fanpage!! Can't wait to hear your take on the make up show :)
thank you for sharing the tips of James Vicent

You took great pictures, Azia! It was a pleasure meeting you and hanging with ya! I look forward to future posts!

P.S. Something is wrong with Twitter that I could not accept your friend request. Try sending me another request. :-/

still so bombed that i did not make this...but i am loving your recap girl..

james never disappoints...does he?

looking forward to the rest..

it was great meeting you! great recap! i'm looking forward to more!

love your post! can't wait to see the rest!

I gave you a blog award…blog-link-love/

Amina - It was great meeting you as well. Thank you for "like"-ing the Facebook page! :)

Erin - I had a ball. So great to finally meet you after all this time.

J - Thanks for checking out my posts!

Kia - It was great meeting you too!

Kim - Thank you! :)

For round face, where did he suggest the blush should be placed? Should it go under the apple of the cheek?

Suga - I don't think he specified. I think placing it under the cheek would still accent the fullness of the face. If I had to guess, I'd say it would be best paced higher and further back on the cheek. Here is a breakdown of placement by face shape from Squidoo:

Face Shape & Blush Placement

Square- Apply blush on the apples of your cheeks to your temples. This will softens the angles of your face

Oval- To create a soft natural glow, apply blush on the apples of your cheeks.

Round- If your face is round start at the height of your cheek bone moving toward your nose, not taking color past the center of your eye. This technique is slimming to the face.

Diamond: Show off those gorgeous cheek bones (which all diamonds face shapes have) and start at the apples of your cheeks & sweep up to the height of your cheek bone.

Heart: To add balance and symmetry begin at the apples of your cheeks toward your ear lobes.

Long: To open up your face and show off your features, start at the apples of your cheeks toward the ears.

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