May 2, 2010

Product Spotlight: E.L.F. at Target

I remember having a conversation a couple years ago with my uncle's then girlfriend about makeup. She mentioned that she loved E.L.F, especially since all the products were $1. I politely smiled and nodded. I had heard of E.L.F. but I would never use it....I mean it was a dollar. I thought it was cute and novel but really meant for people who really weren't into makeup or knew anything about it. It would never compare to MAC or NARS, two of my then favorites. So, I avoided the brand. However, I read in the blog world that it was coming to Target and I had been hearing more and more about some of the great products from the brand. I'd also read that there was an expanded Studio line that was a step up in price and quality.

I finally decided to break down and try the products. So, several months ago I picked up a few things. I got a trio of liquid eyeshadows from the Studio line and I really liked them. This time around I picked up three 3 items, which are also available on the E.L.F. website. The first item is the blush and bronzer duo. This is a supposed dupe for the NARS Laguna/Orgasm duo. The E.L.F packaging is almost identical but I don't have Orgasm or Laguna so I can't compare this to them. But, I do compare the size of the compact to that of a NARS compact. I will update this post later today or tomorrow. I just wanted to get it up and show the pics & swatches.

E.LF. Eye Makeup Remover Pads

E.L.F Custom Compact & Custom Eyes Eyeshadows


We stood clear of e.l.f. products for the same reason.

...OOOOOh I've been racking up on e.l.f. at my local target. If anyone has the opportunity try to snag the Studio Blushes (NARS dubbed) for $3. OMG so pretty. I'd also recommend the Brightening Eye Color!!!! Those beauties are wonderful. I'd like to try their Duo Eye Shadow Cream. I hear they make an awesome base. Too bad my Tar`Jay doesn't carry those.
Thanks for sharing. ...I might have to haul.

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