July 26, 2010

Necole Bitchie's Interview With Celebrity Make Up Artist AJ Crimson

AJ Crimson is amazing! I first learned of him through his work with Amerie. Whenever I would see her in a magazine, in one of her videos or during a performance I would always wonder, "who did her makeup?"

AJ recently spoke with Necole Bitchie about his work, how he got started and working with some of his celebrity clientele.

Necole Bitchie and I got our start in radio at Detroit’s FM 98 WJLB, and so did you! How did you go from a producer at WJLB to a Celebrity Make-Up artist?

Great question! I loved my position at Detroit’s FM 98 WJLB radio station. I thought I would grow in that section of the industry, but through working on the broadcast side of music I found a very deep interest in the inner workings of the music industry. Eventually I was able to turn that into an opportunity to work with Michael Bivins label (Biv 10 Records), before deciding to step into the behind the scenes development of artists, in terms of wardrobe styling, and then makeup. But, it wasn’t until I spent time working on the movie “8 Mile” (starring Eminem) that I decided to take the show on the road and my career to the next level by moving to Los Angeles. That is where I chose to pursue makeup full time. I moved to Los Angeles with only one bag of clothes, a makeup kit that I built, and $400.00! It made the transition easier since I could get on a bus with the makeup kit! (Laughs)
How did you gain such a long list of celebrity clientele?

Word of mouth! Telling everyone I met who I wanted to work with! Working on lots of free jobs! Flying myself where the clients are! Fergie was my first! We meet on a fashion show for Will I Am’s line and became friends. Later she joined the group and I was on set keying (leading the makeup direction) of my first video! Christina Milian was second client. I was referred to her by a director that knew her agent. Keyshia Cole was next! Her hairstylist and fashion stylist at the time brought me in and told her about me. I hit it off with all my clients the first day and stayed with them exclusively for many years. The same still stands today. It’s about great personality, commitment to doing quality work! Opening yourself up for the possibilities! Making your clients look and feel great. Maintaining great relationships. No one wants to work with Divas! That attitude is not acceptable from anyone including the artist. I won’t work with or refer anyone that behaves that way. It’s not worth it no matter how great your craft is.

What are some of the recent projects with celebrities that you have worked on?

I did the Brandy photo shoot with 106g. (Brandy in some hot looks by the by a pool) It’s been all over your blog, I love that shoot by the way! I recently hosted an amazing day of indulgence with my [Beauty Statements] by Aj Crimson Pre-BET Awards Beauty Suite. All of my girls came out to support which was wonderful!I’m also now hosting “AFFORDABLE BEAUTY”, my makeup class series FOR ALL WOMEN! I’m coming to NYC, HOUSTON,ATLANTA, and LOS ANGELES. The class is $25.00 for more details and to register visit www.ajcrimson.comI really wanted to make it possible for the real woman to come and be a part of. It’s during after work hours so you can still enjoy your weekend with family. We’ll be tackling all sorts of beauty concerns that are not only faced by celebrities, but by the everyday girl as well- Because she’s a star too!

Tell us about your Kissable Couture line of lip glosses…

Kissable Couture is going very well! We have so many great shades to choose from! Women really love the sheer, silky feeling of the gloss! Some shades are really high in color payoff where some are less opaque but feel equally as great! Not sticky or tacky just pure luxury in a tube!

Any summer make up tips for a Bitchie Chick on the go?

Absolutely! I’m all about my signature Crimson Five Minute Face! All of my girls do it! On clean skin, take a bit of your favorite moisturizer in the palm of your hand, add your liquid or cream foundation, add a bit of liquid shimmer and mix it all together! Then apply to the skin just as you would your normal moisturizer! The result is fresh flawless and WEIGHTLESS skin! You can leave it dewy or touch up with a bit of pressed or loose powder only where needed so it doesn’t look oily or too matte! Then, top the look off with eyeliner, mascara and a fun lip color!Sounds like a lot of steps but when you try it you’ll see firsthand how easy it is – you’ll have it mastered and done in five minutes or less before you know it!

Interview Courtesy of Necole Bitchie


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