August 11, 2010

About Face: Christina Aguilera Inspired Tutorial (FAIL)

Lordy Lordy. I had such ambitions for this look. If you watched my latest video, you know that I mentioned I would be doing a Christina Aguilera inspired look. I was inspired by a look from her "Not Myself Tonight" video. Well, it didn't turn out. It was such a pain to do that I haven't felt like trying to recreate it. I pretty much chucked the whole idea.

This happens sometimes. The videos themselves don't turn out. Maybe the look doesn't turn out or translate on camera. I usually scrap the whole thing. But, this time I thought I'd share it with you guys.

So, below is the look I was trying to recreate:

I loved every aspect of this. The bang and long ponytail. The glitter on her red lip. The contour on her cheek. The pink blush. The long "spike" (for lack of a better word) coming from her lash.

Well, here is how my version turned out.

You can see why it was a FAIL. I decided to do the bang a little differently. I liked it initially. It was my own little spin on the look but I didn't like it on camera. The same for the "spikes". They look SO dramatic on camera. They dominate the look instead of just accenting the lash. And finally, the blush is off. The lip is o...k....but again, I just didn't feel like it lived up to the original at all. Oh, and the brows are all wrong.

It's so hard when you do an inspired look because there is always that pressure to get it just right. I know that I want to stay as true as I can to the look I am trying to recreate. But, sometimes you miss the mark. What can you do? :)


I think it looks great! Put the vid up :)

I still think the look is fiiierce!!! I'd love to see the video!

I think it's really good. Definitely an "inspired" look. I guess "inspired" to you means a complete re-creation and not simply an interpretation, but imo it's very close. So, I think it's great b/c the overall vibe is definitely there. Good job :)

Umm, are you pulling our leg? Fishing for compliments? Because umm THIS IS BOMB!!! I love it! Fail my arse. Now I gotta go try and recreate YOUR look this weekend. Glad you decided to post it luv.

Awesome! I think I'm going to try this look (sans super long eyelash extension). I really like glittery red lips and I find that it always helps to have a color gradient from a darker red into a full on red. Then when I use glitter, it only goes over the full red. I know it's not quite the same as what Aguilera's wearing, but maybe you'll like the lip more that way.

Amina & Makeup On A Budget - Thank you! I'll edit it and get it up.

Artemis - Yeah...I really do try to get as close as I can.

V - LOL...never fishing. Thank you. If you recreate it do a blog post about it.

Blazeno - I think the idea of a gradient lip is great. I love a gradient lip. The biggest issue I had with the lip here is that it didn't sparkle enough and that's due to the glitter that I used. *shrug*

i think that it's an amazing interpretation of a crazy gorgeous look. While it's not exactly the same, it works beautifully on your skintone. I really hope that you decide to release the video!!

Wow you did a great job girl. You look amazing work it out!!! you have just inspired me :)

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