September 11, 2010

My Secret to Clear Skin

I have found my cleansing HG (Holy Grail). I am always in search of the best cleanser, moisturizer, mask, etc. It's hard to find that one product that you can count on and go back to time and time again.

I have tried dozens of cleansers. Some of them were drugstore, some department store and some specialty store but few really WOWed me. I have pretty good skin but I have gone through periods where it seemed to be permanately broken out, specifically my forehead. I was so frustrated and more than desperate for anything I thought would help. Thankfully, I seem to have come out of that phase but I was still unhappy with the overall condition of my skin.

I was in CVS one day and noticed that the Boots skincare was on clearance. The line had been marked down to $3 and $4 an item so I couldn't NOT try it. Plus, I liked that it was made with botanicals so I felt it would be good for my skin. I picked up the Complexion Refining Deep Clean Mousse, a mask and a moisturizer. [NOTE: I have since seen the line at Target but the products seem to be reformulated and in new packaging.]

I was using a complexion brush by Face Secrets which I found at Sally Beauty Supply for around $2. It's a nylon brush that I use to work my cleanser into the skin. I was also using a Neutrogena cleanser at the time and it seemed to work pretty well. Well, when I ran out of my Neutrogena, I decided to try the Boots cleanser. Game changing moment! The combination of the the cleanser and the brush REALLY improved my skin. I remember just staring at my skin in the mirror. It felt so clean and smooth and it looked so even and clear. I was so excited. This dynamic duo has been fighting to keep my skin looking virtually flawless.

My breakouts are much less frequent and I can honestly say that I am happier with my skin than I have been in a long time. My ultimate goal is to even out my complexion so that I really don't need foundation at all. I think I'm well on my way. :D


girl your skin looks fabulous and I always thought that it did.

i see the boots products all the time when i am in target but never really give them much thought.

although i am happy for my rx for brown skin products, maybe i will check them out.

Amina & Goody - Thanks you guys!

I need to try this. My skin has gone crazy. It's calming down... just not fast enough for me. Great post.

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