October 28, 2010

Sephora Halloween 2010

Halloween is here again!  YAY!  Sephora has created a group of looks using products from some of your makeup brands.  You can use these looks to accent your existing costume or build a costume idea around them.  The great thing about them is that, unlike a costume which you will probably wear once and put aside, the makeup used here can be incorporated into your collection for use everyday....or on special occasions.  :)

SEPHORA COLLECTION Beauty In A Box: Vampire ($51 Value), $26
The products you need to complete each look are available in a kit to provide everything you'll need.  It's a great idea, actually.  And, the kits are affordable.  Here is one of the videos Sephora created to walk you through completing the look.  There are several more on the Sephora YouTube channel.  Make sure to check them out!  ENJOY!!


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