November 17, 2010

Are You Feeling This? Keri Hilson's "No Boys Allowed" Album Cover

Keri Hilson has leaked the album cover of her sophomore release, "No Boys Allowed", ahead of its scheduled December 21 release.  I think it looks fantastic!  Keri is hit or miss a lot of the time with me.  Sometimes I LOVE her look and sometimes I really don't get where she is coming from.  But, I've gotta say I love everything about this look.  It's so sultry!  The makeup was done by makeup artist Billy B., who never ceases to amaze me.  I might do a blog post on him because he is really out of this world...but anyway....Are You Feeling This?
P.S.  Billy also did Keri's makeup in the video for her latest single, "Pretty Girl Rock".  It's a really cute video where Keri plays different characters from various eras.  You can check it out below:


love it! it looks gaga like too. billy b's returning to his video roots for keri? love it!

It's gorgeous. I want those eyes!!

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