March 30, 2011

In The Know: New Ben Nye Mojave Luxury Powders

Ben Nye Visage Poudre Luxury Powder in Banana, a.k.a. Ben NYE Banana powder, has been a favorite of women of color and makeup artists whose clients are women of color for a long time. It's a finely milled translucent powder favored for its slight yellow/peachy tint. The powder is perfect on darker skintones because it doesn't appear ashy or create a grey cast on the skin the way some traditional white translucent powders can. 

I own Banana Powder and posted a review for it on my channel. It's a good alternative to most other translucent powders but I do wish it came in slightly darker color as well. As it turns out, Ben Nye has recently launched the "Mojave" line. The line consists of foundations, concealers and powders specially designed for women of color. Included in the line is a series of SIX new Luxury Powders:



 Olive Sand



The powders are available at most places you find Ben Nye products sold. I've seen the whole Mojave line for sale by several online retailers. I have yet to check it out myself but as soon as I can find a retailer in my area I definitely will.  Perhaps Ben Nye will have the collection at The Makeup Show.


I can't wait to get my hands on this, LOL I hope they are at the IMATS

I adore Ben Nye powders and bow love the newer addition Ben Nye final seal. It sets your face and keeps your look all day.

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