March 31, 2011

In The Know: Sears Revamps Cosmetics & Fragrance Department

I don't know where I initially read that Sears was overhauling the cosmetics and fragrance department but it looks like it's happening. I visited my local Sears and encountered a completely different department. There is bright white shelving and a kiosk for makeup demos. There was also a small register area to complete your transactions. I'm assuming there will be a dedicated beauty advisor of sort to help with your purchases. It's almost reminiscent of a mini Sephora outpost. I am very impressed. 

Sears has carried random beauty products from smaller or no name companies, most of which I was unfamiliar, for some time. But now it looks like they've removed those and replaced them with more recognizable brands that we've seen at drugstores and department stores. So L'Oreal, Milani, Iman, Revlon and NYC are right alongside brands like Flori Roberts and Mineral Essence.  The stores are also carrying   skincare brands like Lumene, Adrien Arpel, Ahava and Dermalogica. I even spotted some nail care from Sally Hansen and Essie.

Unfortunately most of the brands didn't have testers.  I hope they plan to change that.  It would be great to offer customers the chance to see the products on their skin.  Otherwise most of the very same products can be purchased on the next trip to the drugstore.  Sears has certainly come a long way. Bravo.



The setup looks like a cross between rite aid and Kohl's. It's nice that they have such a mix of brands, but being a department store you would think they'd have testers. I've given you an award on my blog, go check it out!

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