July 5, 2011

Event: The Makeup Show Chicago 2011 Recap

I have been dragging my feet posting my experience at The Makeup Show Chicago. I've been in a writing rut, I suppose. But, I just realized that the show was three weeks ago so this is MORE than overdue. I'm going to start with a post from Alia, the winner of my giveaway. I asked her to contribute a post sharing her experience at the show with everyone. It was her first time attending The Makeup Show and I really wanted to hear, in her words, what she took away from it. 

I had read blogs and articles about the Makeup Show in NY and LA never thinking it was possible to attend so early in my MUA pursuits. Then I learned that the show was coming to Chicago and I became determined to attend. I remembered Azia positing about the show and when I saw her contest video on YouTube I knew I had to enter. I audibly gasped when I woke up on Wednesday and saw that I had won a ticket! Woohoo, I was on my way to Chicago!

It was AWESOME! From the blogger preview that I was allowed to attend on Saturday, to meeting and hanging with fellow MUAs and people that I had admired from afar, it was all that I imagined it would be. I don’t know if it was the love of the artistry or happiness over having a show that prominent in the Midwest, but the energy was so great! I got the opportunity to purchase some items for my kit and try some new products in the market. I attended the Mastering Makeup Skills, Makeup Must Haves for Every Kit and Working in the Midwest & Beyond seminars. I also had the pleasure to attend the keynote presentations by Mr. Sam Fine and Maurice Stein, founder of Cinema Secrets. My passion and excitement for makeup artistry was magnified a million times over by this event and if you have the chance to attend one in the future, you MUST, MUST, MUST go! Thanks Azia!

I'm so glad to hear that Alia had a great time. I love giveaways! But even more than that I love when people truly enjoy what they've won and it benefits them. I have more coverage of the show coming up including the blogger preview and keynotes from Sam Fine and Johnny Lavoy.


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