January 13, 2012

Hey everyone! I knew it had been awhile since I posted but I didn't realize it had been this long! First things first: though I haven't been on the blog I am very active on Twitter and becoming more and more active on Instagram and Tumblr. So, join me! Here's the info:

Twitter: @aziajs_faces

This is me and all the nutty things and nutty people who interest me. Beauty and beyond.

99.9% beauty related. Pics of new products I find in stores. Beautiful makeup reblogged. Info on new products or links to reviews, etc. 

Instagram: @aziajs. It's an iPhone only app. You can download it here.
My life and love of beauty in pictures.

I have been suuuuuuch a lazy blogger. I know a lot of you have been there. There is so much that goes into my posts. So many pics. So many edits. So much prep. I just get tired thinking about it sometimes. And therefore nothing gets posted. But, the thing is that I have a lot I want to share with you guys. So, that's one of the reasons why I provided the links above. I am always tweeting, retweeting, reblogging, posting and pic-ing somewhere.  

So, because I have been gone so long I have a couple posts that I want to share with you and heeeeeere we go!


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