February 7, 2012

DUPE: London Soho New York Beauty Sponge - Best Beautyblender Dupe On The Market??

The Beautyblender is one of the most popular tools used by makeup artists on their clients and consequently has become a favorite among beauty bloggers and makeup lovers. It has also become one of the most duplicated beauty tools I've seen since the stippling/skunk/duo-fiber brush. The upside to all of these "dupes" is that they provide cheaper alternatives to the $20 Beautyblender. The downside is that a lot of them aren't very good. Well, what I've found certainly changes all of that.
The London Soho New York Beauty Sponge as packaged in the store

London Soho New York is a brand that has been around for awhile but up until this point the company has only offered makeup cases. Now, they have a full line of makeup brushes that is available at Walgreens locations and this sponge is a part of that line. 

Current version (left) - Previous version (right)

When the line soft-launched a couple of months ago there was a small table-top display which featured another pink sponge. That sponge is shaped like a teardrop and more closely resembles the design of the Beautyblender. But it's stiffer, denser and doesn't have a good bounce on the skin. I mention the bounce specifically because the bouncing motion helps to blend product into the skin. While the older version does blend very well, the newer version, which is shaped more like a football, is much softer and has much better bounce. It simply feels better on the skin. 

What I love about the design of the sponge happens to be the thing that made me hesitant to purchase it. This sponge has two pointed ends and I was worried that it would be difficult to stipple product onto the face since there is no flattened base. But, I found that if you hold the sponge at the center or toward the end it actually works wonderfully. You use the side of the sponge to stipple onto the face and it fits the contours of the face really nicely. Also, one end can be used to apply foundation around the nose, mouth and other tight areas and the other can be used for concealer under the eyes or even to apply cream highlight along the top of  the cheek, or contour in the hollows. The finish is beautiful. The foundation goes on evenly and smoothly. As for the texture of the sponge it is flocked and very similar to the Beautyblender. Actually, it almost feels like memory foam when you dampen it. The other great thing about the sponge is that it expands nicely. In the pictures below you can see that it measures about 3.5 inches when dry. When you dampen it, the sponge expands to nearly 4.5 inches.

The Soho Beauty sponge measures about 3.5 inches when dry
The Soho Beauty sponge measures about 4.5 inches when wet

The sponge retails for $7.99 and the entire Soho Beauty brush line is displayed inline next to the EcoTools brushes. AS A BONUS, this month there is a $1 OFF coupon available in the Walgreens monthly coupon book in store. You can also go here to print out a copy of the coupon.


+ The sponge is $7.99 - less than half the price of the Beautyblender
+ It has a texture and density VERY similar to the BeautyBlender
+ It blends foundation very well, giving the "airbrushed" effect
+ The football design with its two pointed ends is very functional
+ The sponge is readily available at a Walgreens near you
+ I love the sponge and HIGHLY recommend it


For anyone looking for that perfect Beauty Blender dupe, CVS just launched one that I find to be outstanding! They seem to have taken the lessons learned from all others, shape, density, durability, etc - and then built the perfect blender. And what makes me happiest is that they're selling it for only $5!! It's available online here - but I found it next to brushes in my store.


Great post! I have the previous version and I love it! I also own the MAC Pro Performance sponge which is supposed to be similar to the Beauty Blender (though the MAC one is horrible!). I actually saw the new version of this sponge when I was in Walgreens a few days ago and I was disappointed that they didn't have the older version because I love it so much, but hearing that you think it's better, I'm DEFINATELY going to buy it the next time I'm at Walgreens! You sold it to me so well!

Can you get it in Europe? Or do any websites ship to Europe?

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